MT4 Settings

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This video explores the MetaTrader 4 terminal settings.
In order to access the MetaTrader 4 basic settings choose the tab "Tools," followed by "Options."

You'll see a window with all the basic settings of the program. In the "Server" tab you can choose the server to which you want to connect,along with your login and password. You can even change your password.To change the password, click the "Change" button.

Then, enter your current trader password--which we'll call the "master password"--

and enter your new password twice.

Please note that in this window you can change not only your trader password but also your investor password.First, however, you must specify your trader password as the master password.

If you're using a proxy server, specify it after pressing the "Proxy…" button.

You can also choose to use the DDE server, choose whether to keep personal settings, and choose whether to allow news in the terminal.

The next tab we'll discuss is "Charts." Here we can manage the following settings: Show trade levels.

If you turn off this item, the lines that mark the opening prices of your orders and their "take profits"will be removed from the charts.To return them to the charts, mark the checkbox "Show trade levels" again.

The item "Show OHLC" lets you hide open and close prices, as well as highs and lows, from the chart window.

The item "Show ask line" manages the visibility of the buy line, which is higher than the standard "bid line" for one spread.It will be shown as a red line on the chart.

The item "Show period separators" manages the lines that divide the chart into parts (days, weeks and months for some charts).

Farther down are print settings and history management. 

The "Objects" tab, which manages the creation of different lines and objects on the chart, is rarely used.

The "Trade" tab manages the "Open order" window.

Let's consider different variants.If you choose the item "Last used," then, after pressing the "Open order" button, the last opened symbol will be used.

Let's return to the "Trade" tab and choose "Default," specifying the "British Pound U.S. Dollar" currency pair.

Now we see that in the "Open order" window the British pound is chosen by default.

The "Expert Advisors" tab lets you manage general settings of the advisors:Switch them on and change their execution settings.

The tab "E-mail" helps set the terminal for sending e-mails on the command of the Expert Advisor or on the signal that worked.

The "Publisher" tab is used to automatically publish in the Internet the notifications about events on your account.

The last tab includes enabling and the sound settings for different notifications.In this tab it's possible to switch all sound notifications on or off,or even switch on or off any particular notification, such as the notification of connection of the account to the server.You can also choose which sound will notify you of any event.