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This video is devoted to Templates.
A template is the set of chart window parameters that the trader uses for better analysis of the charts of chosen instruments.The MetaTrader 4 trading terminal has several saved templates: Terminal Meta Trader 4 has several standard saved templates, which you can find on the toolbar, in the templates tab.

The MetaTrader 4 trading terminal has several saved standard templates, which can be found in the "Charts toolbar" by pressing the Templates button.
The following things can be stored in templates:chart type and color; color diagram; chart scale; open/close prices, high and low prices line for the chosen bar shown or hidden; the attached expert advisor and its parameters;the imposed custom and technical indicators, together with their settings; line studies; separators of days.

You can try out the standard templates, which are pre-set in the terminal.

If they don't fit to your needs, you can make the necessary adjustments and save the new template with a unique name.

You'll be able to use this new template on other charts, too. 
Maybe you're using different trading systems for different instruments. 
Moreover, the various conditions of the market (flat or trending) leads us to use different indicators.
Those that work on "trends" aren't as good for "flat," and vice versa. In this case, templates can be helpful. 
Create different templates for different instruments, taking into consideration the market condition.