Awesome Oscillator

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This video is devoted to the "Awesome Oscillator," by Bill Williams.
To apply the Awesome Oscillator to the chart, press the "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Bill Williams" - "Awesome Oscillator."

We won't change the settings.

Bill Williams' Awesome Oscillator is the second dimension of the market.The Awesome Oscillator determines market momentum (the second of five market dimensions) at a given time on the last five bars, comparing them to the momentum on the last 34 bars.

As we can see, the Awesome Oscillator is displayed on the chart as a histogram.


Each bar that's higher than the previous one is colored green,

while each bar that's lower than the previous one is colored red.

The Awesome Oscillator generates three buy signals and three sell signals 

that can't be used unless the first filled fractal appears outside the alligator’s jaw

Additionally, the oscillator can give a buy signal called a "saucer." The Awesome Oscillator Saucer buy signal is generated when the histogram that is above the zero line changes its direction from falling to rising.

A histogram “A” bar of any color should be higher than histogram “B” bar.The histogram “B” bar must be red.The histogram “C” bar (signal) must be green.A signal bar is the bar on which the signal bar in the histogram was formed.


The principle that works for all kinds of signals sounds like this:You should buy only if the current histogram bar is green, and you should sell only if the current histogram bar is red.